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The Company also produces several varieties of enamelled wire. Enamelled wire is copper wire varnished, in an enamelling process, by insulating materials. The enamelling process makes the wire more resistant to oil, heat, friction and fusion, and therefore suitable for use in machinery and components and sub-components of manufactured goods. The Company manufactures enamelled wire in sizes that range from 4.06 mm to 0.091 mm (8 Swg to 43 Swg) in diameter, varnished by various types of petroleum insulation materials including polyvinyl formal, polyurethane wire and polyester, among others. Enamelled wire products are used in the assembly of a wide range of electrical products, including oil-filled transformers, refrigerator motors, telephones, radios, televisions, fan motors, air conditioner compressors and other electric appliances.
Production of enamelled wire begins by drawing the copper rods until they have reached the desired diameter, after which the drawn wires are annealed. The annealed wires are then varnished by one or more types of petroleum-based insulation material. Up to seven coats of varnish are applied. Depending upon the intended application of the enamelled wire.
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